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Friday, February 18, 2011

Why is my favorite confectionary decorating supply ?

Fancy is a marvelous top notch bakery supply for cake decorating, cookie, cupcake decorating and all of your confectionery decorating needs .You'll simply go gaga over Fancy's superb offerings, from elegant vintage style wafer paper designs, to snazzy candied flowers, every type of cookie cutter imaginable, chocolate transfer sheets galore, designer cupcake wrappers, baking tools, posh paper products, and loads sugary delights to embellish any edible creation.

A Sugar Coated Nirvana Awaits You 

If you love to decorate sweets, or enjoy creating sugary thingamajigs, is the place for you. Cake decorators, candy makers, cupcake enthusiasts, chocolate decorators... a sugar coated nirvana awaits you.

The Chocolate Addict's Top Picks for a Quick Fix

I've scoured the Fanciful site, to bring you some of my top picks, just to give you a taste of the offerings. Even if you've shopped at Fancyflours in the past, go back, because I'll tell ya what, new eye candy is being added all the time.

cookie with wafer paper

Also known as rice paper, is an edible starch based food product used to decorate cakes, cookies and I've also used it for chocolate which yields a similar result to using a transfer sheet ( kind of ).  I imagine you can do so many creative things with wafer paper, and I intend to do some serious experimenting in the future, and when I do, you'll be the first to hear about it !.

Fancy Flours has a grand selection of wafer paper including some darling vintage designs. Some of my faves are Alice in Wonderland, Birdcages, Chinese New Year , Birthday Cake ( above ), vintage seed packets, and Halloween postcard designs ( see my Halloween Video ).

Delightful wafer paper designs from

A chocolate transfer sheet is piece of clear acetate paper with a design printed in edible cocoa butter, if you've been hangin' with me for any amount of time, you know how I love to use these, for chocolate dessert cups and making chocolate decorations for dessert garnishes, chocolate transfer sheets can also be used for cake and cupcake decorating and they are so fun and easy to use. 

In fact, chocolate transfers are the topic of my upcoming instructional DVD. Fancyflours has a grand selection of transfer sheets galore. And guess what? the chocolate transfer page is where you'll find my current DVD "The Chocolate Garden" :)

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

I use sugar cake jewels to decorate chocolate dessert cups and for anything I want to add a little sparkle to, which is just about everything. I usually crush them first because I like them jagged.

sugar cake jewels

Sweet gift idea... I mean really, how darn cute are these chocolate Kokeshi and Matryoshka Dolls? I just want to bite their little heads off !
Chocolate Kokeshi & Matryoshka Dolls

Chocolate Geisha, I made this one !

Candy and Cupcake Boxes:
Love the circus theme on these charming candy boxes, great for cookies and confections. And what about a fussy cupcake house? every cupcake deserves one of these.

candy and cupcake boxes

All edible, these flowers would look great on a chocolate bar ( add when the chocolate is melted ), cupcake, or adorned atop a cake. They are SO pretty and look stunning with chocolate decorations such as butterflies and leaves, and really add a colorful touch ( with  chocolate ). The Pansies are my favorite, although they also have roses.

sugar pansies

CUPCAKE LINERS ( wrappers ? ) :
Are cupcakes taking over the world? well, I know one thing, they have never looked so good. I love these elegant black and white liners and delicate filigree designs for dressing up cupcakes,  or flip upside down and wear as a mini hat ! you'll be amazed by the versatility !

cupcake wrappers

Fancy has fun tutorials on the website that will inspire you for days, weeks, even years, and seriously, you will want just about everything you see ( including my chocolate DVD which is also available, so pick up a copy while you're at it ). Fancy must have a team of highly trained, full-time fanciers scouting the planet looking for the best and most unique decorating accoutrements known to man. You'll also want to be sure to get on the mailing list to receive the snail mail order catalog filled with gorgeous photography and terrific ideas.

If that's not enough, you'll be amazed by the speedy delivery and just delighted by the arrival of your order when it comes all wrapped up like a little present in black and white paper. These are all of the special touches that make my favorite place to purchase all of my confectionary trimmings.

Did I miss anything ? I would love to hear about your favorites !

Katreece Montgomery  
Chocolate Decorating for the home chef


Fancy Flours said...

Wow Katreece,

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Thank you so much for these kind words and if you have not already, please do connect with us on Twitter/Facebook.

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Thanks again Katreece!

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