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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun at Bloomies with Holly le du and other Chocolaty Stuff-a-roo !

Yay, I made a cookie !
Ok so, I had my first chocolate demo at Bloomingdales in San Francisco, on chocolate transfer sheets,  and yes I was very nervous, it took me about an hour and a half to get warmed up and by that time the damn thing was just about over.
I love the demo station here, I mean heck, it's nicer than my own kitchen, not to mention it's surrounded by lots of groovy Bloomingdales knick-knacks that I can only ever dream of owning. The most exciting part of this experience was when I first walked into Bloomies, as I was getting close to the demo area, I heard the music from my DVD ( and thought WTF? ), as I got even closer, I saw that it was playing on the 3 screens above the kitchen.  It was so flippin' cool.
Lovin' my kitchen !
Some Chocolate Nibbles?
Just hangin' around with Holly Le Du
Working with Holly Le du, the events coordinator, was grand, I love her to pieces. Of course, I did do a little background investigating on Holly before the event, I had to, it's just standard procedure, you understand. And what I found out, is that we both love painting, cats and of course good food. She also has some chickens that lay beautifully colored eggs, and well... I have ALWAYS wanted an "extraordinary chicken". So I knew we would get along great. Oh and not to mention, when I first met with Holly, she was wearing an awesome pair of boots, and we all know how I feel about shoes and especially boots. Holly gets to hobnob with all of the famous chefs and attends the latest glamorous foodie events, what a life ! Holly has a cool name; " Holly Le Du". I  made a fleur- de- lys chocolate cut -out as a part of the demo in her honor. Then, when it was over, I seriously clogged up the sink with chocolate, and she had to dig it out with her bare hands. I thought it was the disposal, what an IDIOT !

makin' it pretty
view from above, ooh fancy !

Some Chocolate Transfer Samples
Some of my favorite peeps came to the demo including famous Bay Area fashionista Patti ( in photo ). I also met some new peeps including the 2 beautiful brunettes who sat in the front row and said they might come to my classes, and I hope they do, because I want to see them again. Thanks to everyone who came, I really do appreciate it !!!

I also want to thank Nicole & Kurt from Cheap Transfer Sheets for all the chocolate transfers and for being so kind and generous.

Who's that girl ?
Hey, hands off the goods !
And of course thanks to my BFFE Chef Gigi for setting the whole thing up for me. I'm teaching classes at her wonderful school "Kids Culinary Adventures" in Belmont CA. So go sign up right NOW, "hello", my Fall classes ??? " Emergency Chocolate Decorating" ? ???. I don't know what you're waiting for !

I love you Chef Gigi!
I'm happy to say I'll be back at Bloomingdales again next month for yet another chocolate demo extravaganza, so how about that ? Sunday Sept 25th, same time, same place. This one will be Fall inspired so think glitter and sparkles, ooooooh lala !

pretending like I can't see Holly stealing my transfers

I'm also getting a few other chocolate demo situations happening around the Bay Area and more holiday classes including in the city ( San Francisco that is ). I'm working on my next instructional chocolate DVD, AND planning more youtube videos but in a much different style ( TBA ) , however,.... I think I'll save that for my next post :)

Catch ya on the flip side of the chocolate universe sugar fiends !

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anna said...

Great Demo! Can't wait to take a class!